Aval Kesari / Poha sheera

Aval kesari is an easy and simple dish we can make at home. I want to share this recipe on this festival day ( Tamil New year – Sarvari Varsham) with you all and wishing you all good health and happiness throughout the year.

Preparation time : 5 minutes

Cooking time : 15 minutes


  1. Aval or poha – 1/2 cup ( i used red poha)
  2. Sugar – 1/2 cup
  3. Ghee – 3 tsp
  4. Cardomon powder – 1/4 tsp
  5. Cashews – 5 nos
  6. Almond/ Badam – 5 nos
  7. Water – 1 cup
  8. Food color – a pinch (optional – i skipped because i used red poha)


  1. Heat a tsp of ghee in a pan and add chopped nuts to it. Roast it and remove it
  2. In the same pan, add poha/aval and roast it well, till the aroma comes
  3. Once the poha/aval gets cooled, make it to a coarse powder using mixie


  1. Take a pan and add water to it
  2. Once the water starts boiling, add the aval powder to it and mix it well
  3. cook covered in low flame until all water is absorbed. mix it in between to avoid burn at the bottom
  4. Add cardamom powder, food color and sugar to it. At first, it leaves water
  5. Add ghee to it and keep it stirring it between. It will take some time to cook completely, so cook it in medium flame. switch off the flame after 5 minutes
  6. Switch off the flame and serve it.
Aval kesari/Poha sheera