Thiruvathirai Kali Recipe

Thiruvathirai or Aruthra Darisanam is a hindu festival celebrated in Tamilnadu. This is auspicious for Lord siva and it is celebrated in the tamil month Margazhi. Thiruvathirai kali and Ezhukari Kootu are prepared on this day. Today we will learn how to make Thiruvathirai kali 

Preparation Time : 20 minutes

Cooking Time : 20 minutes

Serves : 3


  1. Raw rice – 1/2 cup
  2. Powdered Jaggery – 1/2 cup
  3. Moond dal split – 3 tsp
  4. Grated Coconut – 5 tsp
  5. Cardomom – 1
  6. Ghee – 3 tsp
  7. Cashews – 10
  8. water – 1+1/2 cup


  1. Heat a pan and Roast moon dal in a pan till brown color com
  2. Dry roast rice till it turns  slightly golden colour  and add cardomom to it
  3. Roast rice and dal separately
  4. Cool the mixture and grind it to a coarse texture like rava in mixie (use pulse/juice option) in your mixie
  5. Transfer the contents to a bowl


  1. Take a pan , add water and powdered jaggery to it
  2. Once it boils, add the mixture slowly.
  3. Adding the mixture is the most important step, add rice rava with one hand and stir continuously with your other hand to prevent formation of lumps.
  4. Add 2 tsp of ghee and mix everything well and cook for 15 minutes in medium flame. Check the kali in between and mix it gently
  5. open the lid and mix it gently and add grated coconut
  6. Cook again for 5 minutes in medium flame
  7. Heat a small kadai and add 1 tsp of ghee and fry the cashews
  8. Add ghee roasted cashews to the kali and serve