Onion Samosas!

It’s been raining here and my husband and I wanted to go have some hot snacks and tea outside.But we were just too lazy to move even an inch. So I planned to makes samosas with potato..thinking that would be easy.Half way through making the samosa wrap, I realised I didn’t have potatoes.

Oh no!!folks..before u start a dish please check whether u have all the items needed.Without much thought I decided to fill it our all time favourite onion stuffing.


1. 2 medium sized onion

2. 1/2 cup poha (sprinkle water on it to make sure it’s damp)

3. Chilli powder 1 tsp

4. Turmeric powder 1/2 tsp

5. Garam masala 1/2 tsp

6. Jeera powder 1 tsp

7. Cumin powder 1 tsp

8. ginger finely chopped

9. 3 tsp of oil.

10. 2 cups of Maida

11.  1 tsp of ajwin

12.  salt to taste

Preparation time:30 mins

Cooking time:25 mins


Part 1:

Making the samosa coating

  • Take 2 cups of Maida and 1 tsp of ghee and 1 tsp of ajwin and mix them together.
  • Knead the dough and mix all the contents well.
  • Now slowly add water and knead well.
  • Once it rolls into a non sticky dough mass ..keep kneading.

Part 2:

1.Cut the onions in a slender fashion

2. Heat the kadai and add 3 tsp of oil

3.Now add the chopped onions and finely chopped ginger.

4. Saute till onion becomes light brown.

5. Add all the spices and coriander and saute for 3 mins.

6.Now switch off the stove,add the poha to the mixture.try to granulate the poha before adding.

7. Now mix all contents.Let it cool.

8. Roll out the dough similar to a chapathi.

9. Cut into half ,2 semi circular pieces.

10. Bring the ends together into a conical shape and now stuff the samosa.

11. Close the mouth of the samosa by dabbing water at the edges of the samosa lips.

12. Seal them tightly.

13. By this tight ,heat some oil.not too hot nor smoky hot.

14. Drop a small piece of dough and it has to slowly raise up and slowly turn brown. That’s the right temperature to fry the samosas.

15. Fry the samosas and serve hot with chilli /tomato sauce!!