Peanut chutney/kadalai chutney

Do you like the chunky flavour of peanuts??want to make a chutney with least hassle???Then this is for you!


1.1 cup of peanuts

2.2 dried red chillis

3.1 pinch of tamarind (dry) chilli (optional)

5.2 tsp of oil

6.salt to taste

Preparation time: 2 mins

Cooking time: 5mins


1.Firstly heat the kadai and take 2 tsp of oil.

2. Then add the peanuts and roast them till they become crunchy.

3.Then add the 2 red chilli and tamarind piece.

4.Saute in the kadai for 3 mins add salt to taste.

5. Let it rest and cool.

6.Now grind it in the mixer.

7.Tampering is not of utmost need if u add the oil in the initial stages.

8.To be served with idly,dosa,upma!!


1. If you don’t like the skin you can remove it ,but usually it’s a cumbersome process.

2. If you want a churny texture,don’t grind it much.if you want a watery content,then grind it fine and add water.

3. Adding green chilli makes it more spicy .so that’s optional.

4. Tempering is optional.

5. Try to purchase plain peanuts and roast it at home.buying roasted peanuts will not help as the salt content will be high in such products

Health benefits:

  1. High content of biotin(vitamin B7,water soluble) plays an important role in energy metabolism of the body and hence good for pregnant ladies where the energy metabolism demand is high.

2. Good amount of protein content for those who don’t take meat.

3. Contains antioxidants and also helps to reach satiety and therefore good for weight loss regimen