Besan Cheela- gram flour pancakes

Besan Cheela is a North indian dish in which they use besan flour as the base batter for preparing the pancakes!

Too tired of making dosa batter??Bored of power cuts and unable to save your dosa batter from becoming sour???

Yes!!there is an alternative!!  Yummy food ready within moments


1.1 cup besan flour

2.finely chopped onion(half onion)

3.finely chopped tomato(1 medium sized tomato)

4.1 tsp of ajwin

5.coriander leaves

6.grated ginger

7.1 green chilli (finely cut into small pieces)

8.4 tsps of oil

Preparation time:10mins

Cooking time: 7 mins


1.  Take a hollow bowl.firstly add 1 cup of gram flour.then the chopped onions and tomato.

2. Add 1 tsp of ajwin and finely chopped green chilli .

3.  Add salt to taste.

4. Add 3/4of water of the cup which you used to measure the gram flour.

5. Stir the contents well.make sure the batter isn’t too thick nor too flowy.

6. Now spread the batter over the hot dosa tawa and ghee or oil can be added.

7.  Serve hot with sambhar or coconut chutney


1.If the batter is too thick ,cooking time will be more and half cooked besan products will upset the tummy!

2.1/2 tsp of chillipowder can be added if needed.

Health tips:

It is a good alternative for dosa and is gluten free!!