Pesarattu/Green gram dosa

Planning to keep up your diet,but craving to eat dosa?? Then this is just for you!!

Pesarattu batter is made from of green gram. It is a tiffin variety from the Andhra !!Its a healthy and delicious dish that can’t be missed!


1.1.5 cups of green gram

2.2 green chillies

3.1 bit of ginger

4. coriander leaves

5.3 spoons of rice flour

6.2 to 3 tbsp of oil.

Preparation time:8 hrs

Cooking time:25 mins


soak the green gram over night.


  1. Drain off all the water and grind it along with green chilli,ginger,coriander and hinge(optional)

        2.  The batter shouldn’t be  runny , should be slightly thick.

       3.   Add the rice flour and mix it till it reaches a dosa batter consistency

       4.   Add salt to taste.

       5. Heat the Dosa pan and start making your dosas. cook it in medium flame and it will take few             minutes to cook

       6. Serve hot with coconut chutney.


You can add finely chopped onions ,idly spice powder,pickle on the dosa to add more flavour to it.



Nutritional benefits:

  1. It is full of protein and aids in good energy supplement

        2. Good source of dish with antioxidants and potassium,magnesium .

        3.  Rich source of fibre and keeps your gut clean .