French fries!cheat meal receipe

Eating healthy is good for the body .sometimes it’s essential to eat food that makes us happy too!once in a while isn’t a big mistake!

Indulge in the fantasy of fries by doing it yourself!

Preparation time: 10 mins

Cooking time: 15 mins

Serves : 2


1. 3 medium sized raw potatoes

2. 3 spoons of corn flour

3.  1 tsp of Kashmir chilli powder

4.  tinge of oregano spices

5.  oil for shallow frying.


  1. wash the potatoes under running water

2.  peel off the skin and put them in salted water.

3.  cut them into finger like pieces .

4.  Now add the potatoe pieces in a bowl,add 3 tsp of corn flour,1tsp of chilli powder and a pinch                of salt and oregano powder.

5. Mix well and let it rest for 10 mins.

6. Meanwhile use a pan and add 4 to 5 tsp of oil and wait till it becomes hot.

7. Add the mixture to the hot oil and shallow fry.

8. Wait till it turns golden brown and place it on a tray.

9. Serve with ketchup or mayonnaise.


1. Try to separate the pieces so they don’t form a clump and will cook better.

2. The corn flour mixture should partially cover the pieces .so don’t add too much of flour .

3. Place a tissue on the tray to absorb the extra oil.

4. Try to keep it in a open vessel to avoid the soggy nature of the fries.keping it closed will make                  the fries sweats and turn it soggy .