Welcome to our new food blog

We are so proud to present our blog TastyBudsRecipes!!

Just like how all dishes have a receipe so does TBR! Here goes the recipe!

Plate of extravaganza – Tastybudsrecipes

Preparation time: A Couple of months to put together the tasty thoughts.

Cooking time: Trial and testing of all dishes to give you all THE BEST!

Serving: TO all those who want to learn the easiest,fastest and tastiest ways to cook!

Ingredients :
1. Daily indian meals made simple
2. Variety Rice dishes
3. Salads
4. Juices and Milkshakes
5. Snacks
6. Icecream and Pudding
7. Lunchbox recipes
8. Kiddos funfood
9. Combo meals
10. Pan Asian dishes
11. Native indian cooking
12. Ground spices recipe
13. Fastfood
14. Cooking tips

Method: Consistent efforts of trying new recipes and simplifying old ones.Anyone can cook-so can you😊

Note:All recipes are tested and with trials ,we have presented the best!

  • One Pot Rasam Rice

    June 29, 2020 by

    This is one of the simplest recipe anyone can cook. The taste is so good and the process is very simple. Try this comfort food and let me know your comments. Ingredients: Rice – 1 cup Toor dal – 4 tsp Pepper – 1/2 tsp Cumin – 1/2 tsp Tamarind – small lemon size Tomato… Read more

  • Hashbrown

    June 27, 2020 by

    It is a famous American breakfast dish.It is basically shredded potato fritters. We usually tend to buy the frozen packs and feast on them. Why not make them at home??Here is a simple and easy recipe! Makes a great evening snack or breakfast! Cooking time: 15 minutesPreparation time :10 minutes Serves 2 people. Ingredients :… Read more

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